Great Wolf Lodge Social Story

Prior to our group trip, I will be updating with a new piece of our social story each day that will touch on a different component of the stay. The first part of our social story is about arrival at the lodge and checking-in. 

Important things to consider during arrival is to first utilize the app for check-in, especially if you plan to arrive early. You have access to the water-park and lodge beginning at 1pm on the date you check-in. Your luggage can be securely held for free if you room is not ready.  When your room is ready, a text message can be sent to let you know or in the app.

The lobby is very open and can be quite loud. If you plan to go directly to the water park, you can utilize a locker in the water park area for a fee. 

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Part 2 - My Room at Great Wolf Lodge

Part 2 of our social story is about getting to the room. This is set up to be customizable so it can be used for other trips as well. You will need to fill out your room number (once you are given one after checking in) and also the amount of nights you plan on staying. It is also possible to make this an activity for your child to fill out the room number so it can help them remember and look for it while building excitement! Reminder, this is customized for Grand Mound location but could be used for other locations as well. If you would like to use the photos below (from Great Wolf Suites Page) and print them off so you can label them for your family sleeping assignments as an additional visual. 

Suite Information Overview

For groups, our rooms are typically a Family Suite option. However, if you are wanting to look at an upgrade you may call the Great Wolf reservation line directly, tell them our group code and ask to see if there is an upgrade option in addition to the group rate. 

Family Suite - Base 4, Maximum 6 

  • Sleeping Options: 2 Queen Beds, Full Sleeper Sofa 
  • Living area, Table & Chairs, 1 Television, and 1 Full Bath

The floor plan for the Family Suite

KidCabin Suite

  • Sleeping Options: 1 Queen Bed, 1 Bunk Bed, 1 Daybed, (possible full size sofa sleeper) 
  • Living area, Wet Bar, Table & Chairs, and 1 Full Bath, Corner Gas Fireplace

The floor plan for the KidCabin Suite

KidKamp Suite - Base 4, Max 6

  • Sleeping Options: 1 Queen Bed, 1 Bunk Bed, Full Sleeper Sofa
  • Living Area, Table & Chairs, 2 Televisions, 1 Full Bath

The floor plan for the KidKamp Suite

Wolf Den Suite - Base 4, Max 6 

  • Sleeping Options: 1 Queen Bed, 1 Bunk Bed, Full Sofa Sleeper
  • Living Area, 2 Televisions, Table & Chairs, and 1 Full Bath

The floorplan for the Wolf Den Suite Standard

Grand Bear Suite - Base 6, Max 8 

The floor plan for the Grand Bear Suite

Grizzly Bear Suite - Base 6, Max 8 

  • Sleeping Options: 1 King Bed, 2 Queen Beds, Full Sleeper (also available in 3 Queen Bed option)
  • Breakfast bar, Table & Chairs, Separate Living Room, 2 Televisions, 2 Full baths, Corner Gas Fireplace 

The floor plan for the Grizzly Bear Suite

Majestic Bear Suite - Base 6, Max

  • Sleeping Options: 1 King Bed, 2 Queen Beds, Full Sleeper
  • Breakfast bar, Table & Chairs, Separate Living Room, 2 Televisions, 1 Full bath
  • The floor plan for the Majestic Bear Suite

Royal bear Suite - Base 4, Max 6

  • Sleeping Options: 1 King Bed, 2 Queen Beds, Full Sleeper Option 
  • Breakfast bar, Separate Living Room, 2 Televisions, 1 Full bath

The floor plan for the accessible bathtub Royal Bear Suite

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Part 3 - The Water Park

For Part 3 we are headed to the Water Park! This can easily become an overwhelming experience so it is important to prepare for potential triggers and check in frequently to make sure they aren't becoming overwhelmed. The water park is 84 degrees but the water temperature can vary. There are a number of different pools and areas to accommodate all kinds of swimmers but if your child will need a floatation device they are provided at the water park. They are usually quite strict about bringing toys or floatation devices from home for safety reasons. We used to bring our own life jacket and the staff would check it to make sure it was acceptable. Towels are also provided but must be checked out using a wrist band to associate them with your room. If they are not returned by the end of the day you may get a charge. It does happen sometimes, but you can always speak with the front desk if there was an incorrect charge or you left with them to the room and returned them later. 

There are couches and private cabanas that are available for rental each day. These can be a great way to create a safe space away from the action and offer breaks, especially when the parks are busier. The price on these can range depending on the dates of stay and are well worth it if it is in your budget to do so! There are also some areas where there are chairs you can reserve that are quieter than others. Typically, these are going to be near the cabanas by the splash pool and to the left of the wave pool, which is also where wheel chair users and their families often go. You can also find bathrooms in the water park and showers if you wish to change there. My favorite feature is the swimsuit dryers in the restrooms if you only brought one pair. They may not get completely dry but it does help wring out all that extra water so they can be reuse again the next day or packed away easier. For those with sensitive skin, showering right after will be important to get off the chlorine as it can cause rashes for some.  If you want to utilize the lockers to secure belongs, they are located in the back corner behind the splash pool and next to the hot tub area. 

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Part 4 - The Activities/Attractions

Great Wolf is so much more than a Water Park and that is why today we will include a part dedicated to Activities. There are some great add-on Pass options you can pre-purchase or purchase at the lodge. These are great especially if you are planning to stay for more than a night. These activities can add up so any discount is helpful unless you plan to only do a couple in which it becomes a better option to pay for them individually. 

  • Oliver's Mining Company - Mine 'gemstones'
    • If you have a rock or gem lover, this might just be the attraction for them! We rarely saw more than one family at a time taking part so you can really take your time and enjoy panning & sifting through the dirt you are given that has guaranteed gemstones. There is a collection bag and an identification card to show what gemstones you collected. 
  • Oliver's Mining Company - Single $10.99 no mining bag, Family $49.99 up to 6 people, 2 mining bags (5.99 per extra bag), $19.99 Individual mine and mining bag
    • Moonstone mine is a mirror maze that can be fun but is also quite dark. There are a couple interactive pieces as well and you can accompany your child. It is located inside Oliver's Mining Company as well and generally a shorter activity so it is paired with the gemstone mining experience after you come out of the maze. 
  • Build a Bear Workshop - Starts at $34.99, Outfits $15.99, Accessories $9.99
    • Note, they do not accept build a bear gift cards at this location but do accept Great Wolf Gift Cards. Exclusive options for Great Wolf Lodge are available here with lots of outfit and customizable options. This can become busy but generally less busy during the early morning (during breakfast hours). 
  • Northern Lights Arcade - Cards can be loaded in any amount but we generally do $20-30
    • The arcade gets very busy after the water park closes so try to make this a morning or mid-day break. You get a card and the points do not expire so don't feel pressured to use them all if you plan on coming back. Exchange tickets for prizes or use on non-ticket games/rides. It gets pretty crowded near the front but there is often less people once you get towards the back.
  • Great Wolf Candy Company - (plan for around $10+ per person)
    • Price here ranges quite a bit but they specialize in their bulk candy and do a make your own mix cup of candy option
  • Howl at the Moon Glow Golf - $7.00 per person, per game
    • Our family loves us some mini golf and this is an easy activity to miss because it is tucked back across from the arcade. Paying for this activity can change as we had to go to the prize county in the arcade to purchase ours. Because it is glow golf it is dark but we did not always anticipate how dark it would be. A few times we had to use our flashlights on our phone when getting overwhelmed or just having a harder time  hitting the ball. There are 9 holes total that can go by pretty quick. If someone is coming behind you we would often feel rushed. You can always opt to take a break and come back as long as you still have your ball. The last hole takes the ball like most mini-golf. 
  • Howlers Peak Ropes Course - Single Climb $14.99, All day $19.99
    • Currently CLOSED - this is an outdoor attraction and only open when weather provides and from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day
  • MagiQuest  - Wand: $17.99-22.99+ tax, Game: $13.99 + tax
    • I won't spend too much time on this since I plan a whole blog post around it. MagiQuest is very popular and has 3 different types of quest to fit the need of your family. Even adults get in on the fun! It is basically an interactive scavenger hunt that leads up to bigger 'quests.' A wand and a new game are required but your progress is saved so the wand can be used time and time again at all Great Wolf Lodge locations! Plan to spend about $35 per a child. Younger children can also get a wand and not have to pay for a game but still get in on the action with mini magi mode. It basically unlocks some of the magical features of items to make them come to life when the wand is pointed at them. 

There is always something fun to do but it can certainly add up. You can easily bring the fun back to your room by bringing card or board games. They also tend to stock them in the gift shop if you left your deck of cards at home. It is totally ok to do as many or few of these attractions as you like but because there is so much it is hard for kids to not get caught up in the "I wanna do this and that." Always try to have some alternative options ready for when the "I wannas" start. 

Upon check-in you will get a list of all their other planned activities and the best part is that many of these are FREE! From Yoga to Crafts, Great Clock Show and PJ Dance Parties. If you are looking to keep busy they have different activities at all different times of the day. The dance parties are very popular since the Water Park has closed and the music is inviting (and quite loud!). All of this happens in the back area behind the lobby by the grand fireplace. The dance party especially has lots of lights, sounds, and many kids using bubble wands so it may not be the best option for everyone. You can stand toward the back to avoid feeling so crowded or just plan for a quick dance. 

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